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Hare Goalkeeper Academy provides specialized year-round goalkeeping instruction and training for soccer goalkeepers, the last line of defense on the field and first line of attack.


Gerald Hare is offering goalkeeping instruction and training for both experienced youth goalkeeper as well as those with beginning interests in learning this critical position. He also will work with a team or a coach. Participants will be trained in private sessions and/or in small groups. Technical skills, such as catching, throwing, stance, coming out to the ball, angles, distribution and basic diving are taught, developed, and applied to match situation drills. Strong fundamentals skills are then combined with tactical awareness. He brings a life-long commitment to goalkeeping, and is considered to be one of the best trainers in western Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas.

Look through this page to see how our training programs can benefit your goalkeeper, thereby giving your team an edge over your opponent.


"Become an expert at all phases of goalkeeping while having fun"


Hare Goalkeeper Academy conducts all of the training programs by appointment and schedules are posted on our website. The indoor sessions are conducted at Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena (PISA) off Route 910 in Cheswick, Sportrak off Ohio River Boulevard / Route 65 in Sewickley and Tri-County Soccer & Sports Center near Cranberry Township during year-round. The outdoor sessions are conducted at selected soccer fields in the Pittsburgh area and the surrounding communities during the spring and fall seasons depending on field availability. The academy also provides clinics and camps at various locations in western Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. Exceptions are sometimes made if Team Training has been requested. Our satellite clinics & camps are also available for other communities to have our academy staff come in and put together a clinic or camp at your facility. This program have enabled YMCA, Community Recreation, and other community organizations in surrounding areas get a day, weekend or week of instruction by the Hare Goalkeeper Academy staff.   


Coach Hare offers:


·        Private Training / Semi-Private Training / Group Training

·        Speed & Agility Training

·        College Prep Training

·        Field Player Training

·        Adult Training


The goalkeeping skills taught in these sessions depend on the age group and level of experience of the keepers. Generally, the goalkeepers are trained on:


·        Catching

·        Throwing

·        Stance

·        Coming out to the ball

·        Angles

·        Distribution

·        Basic diving





We at HGA believe it's very important for goalkeepers to have the opportunity to do 1-to-1 sessions. This enables us to cater to each individual goalkeeper, focusing purely on the goalkeeper's personal needs in an environment where they are not influenced by other goalkeepers or peers. There is no long-term commitment.  Players can book in for as many sessions as they choose.


Our 1-to-1 sessions are based upon an initial personal assessment of the 4-Corner model of the goalkeeper, assessing the goalkeeper's current development in each of the four corners and constructing a program to develop the individual's skills. They are an excellent addition to a players' team training sessions and aim to give players the competitive edge required to move to the next level.


We offer a wide range of 1-to-1 packages for goalkeepers of all ages, genders and abilities; improving goalkeepers technically, tactically, physically and psychologically as we at HGA believe, that to be the best goalkeeper, you require these all of skills and attributes.  


Technical Training

·        Catching/Diving

A.   Low, medium and high balls.

·        Boxing

A.   When to box a ball.

B.   One and two handed boxing skills.

·        Parry

A.   When to parry a ball.

B.   Low, medium and high balls.

·        Crosses

A.   Communication

B.   Footwork

C.   Decision-making

D.   Defining range

·        Breakaways

A.   WHEN and HOW to come out of the goal.

B.   WHEN and HOW to cut down angles.

·        Distribution

A.   Kicking: goal kicks, drop kicks and punts.

B.   Throwing: bowling, baseball and overhead.

·        Pressure Drills

A.    Training for high-pressure situations.


Tactical Training:

  • Goalkeeper is the first line of the offense.
  • Positioning
     A. Shot stopping
     B. Breakaways
     C. Corner kicks
     D. Free kicks
     E. Penalty kicks
  • Communication and leadership of defensive team.
  • Overall game knowledge.
  • Reading of the game.
  • Coordinating the defense.
     A. Set plays
     B. Game environment
  • Controlling back passes.
  • Coming out of the box.


Private Training: $40.00 per hour and Semi-Private Training (2 keepers): $35.00 per hour. The private / semi-private training can be done in outdoors or indoors. The options for outdoor training are at home (in flat area in backyard or front yard), club soccer field with permission from club official, and at public places such a park with flat area. The basic requirement for space is minimum of 15-20 yards square. Our clients that used our private training services have preferred the home location for convenience and to avoid the overhead cost (field rental). However, any training done at home location 25 miles or more away from HGA office will be charged for additional fee. The indoor training can be done at PISA (Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena), preferably mornings when the rental fee is at lowest possible rate plus the cost of instruction.


If you think you or your child would benefit from our 1-to-1 coaching packages, please contact the office at (412) 486-8284 or call directly to my cell at (412) 719-1485 or email for estimates, scheduling training appointment and location options.




Group training is an excellent environment to further develop goalkeeping skills. Players are able to work together and help each other improve. In group training sessions, we are able to introduce multi-player drills. Goalkeepers are able to train and compete with goalkeepers of the same age and ability. Group training sessions provide a positive and competitive environment for developing goalkeepers. This training format is a popular choice for organizations such as clubs, schools, YMCA, Community Recreation, and other community organizations


Small Group Training (3-4 goalkeepers): $30.00 per hour per person.

Medium Group Training (5-8 goalkeepers): $25.00 per hour per person.

Large Group Training (9-16 goalkeepers): $20.00 per hour per person.

For more than 17 keepers, please call for details.


Larger groups are welcome, however a second staff member will be required for over 12 goalkeepers, as the required ratio is no more than 12 to 1. This would require an additional fee to cover the cost for another coach. Another way to accommodate more than 12 goalkeepers is to schedule an additional hour, and to divide the total number of goalkeepers between these two hours. (8 GKs per coach ratio or less is our preferred ratio). The 12 to 1 ratio is our maximum in large group training in order for goalkeepers to have the attention they need in training.


Call (412) 486-8284 / (412) 719-1485 or email for estimates, scheduling training appointment and location options.


Speed & Agility Training


This is a six-week program designed to help goalkeepers and field players improve their overall speed, quickness and agility. HGA coach will spend the first 45 minutes teaching the most comprehensive speed and agility training and will follow with 45 minutes of ball training integrating the techniques just learned. Throughout the six intense training sessions, athletes will work on improving in the following areas:


·        First Step Quickness / Lateral Quickness

·        Off the Mark Speed / Speed with Ball

·        Agility / Change of Direction

·        Balance and Coordination

·        Rapid Acceleration

·        Flexibility

·        Vertical Leap

·        Speed of Thought


In addition to the training completed during the program, athletes will be taught training exercises and drills that they can complete at home to continue their improvement in these areas.


$250.00 per person

Call (412) 486-8284 / (412) 719-1485 or email for scheduling training appointment and location options.


Field Player Training


The Hare Goalkeeper Academy offers position over power techniques for:


·        Foot Skills
         A. Kicking
         B. Speed
         C. Touch
         D. Control


·        Passing Skills
         A. Trapping
         B. Playing the proper ball
         C. Angle play


·        Finishing Skills
         A. Shooting
         B. Crossing
         C. Set Plays
         D. Heading


Through technique we improve power.


$70.00 per 90-minute session

Call (412) 486-8284 / (412) 719-1485 or email for estimates, scheduling training appointment and location options.




This program is designed for college bound players or players already in college looking to prepare themselves for the upcoming season.  It is for boys’ and girls’ ages, 16-21 only. The intense program will focus on increasing agility, flexibility, stamina, footwork, reflexes and decision-making while improving their leadership skills. Therefore, if you are not yet in college, it will give you a little taste of what to expect from playing in college and if you are already in college, it will get you fit for your upcoming season! The program is all about goalkeeper training and fitness. Every exercise that you will do will be in front of the goal and the focus will be on being technically and mentally sharp. You will be placed in different simulated situations and see how well you perform and make decisions. Having the element of fitness testing is another way that players will be prepared for college. Players will take two different fitness tests throughout the week and an emphasis will be getting them match fit and sharp. Every player will be treated like a "mini-pro" and Coach Hare will work to build personal "ONE on ONE" relationships with all players to help the players learn and become confident in their skills and personality.


Call (412) 486-8284 / (412) 719-1485 or email for estimates, scheduling training appointment and location options.




This program is for the adult who has developed a passion for the game and is just learning to play. There is NO reason to be afraid. Learn the proper techniques that will enable you to play with confidence and avoid unnecessary injury. This program is available in groups or individual sessions.

Call (412) 486-8284 / (412) 719-1485 or email for estimates, scheduling training appointment and location options.




The Hare Goalkeeper Academy offers one-day clinics, half-day clinics, evening clinics, weekend clinics typically scheduled for 1 hour or 2-3 hour session each day during the weekend. The academy also offers eight-week clinics (1-1.5 hour per session each week). There will be various clinics to choose from that may fit the needs of individual goalkeepers, soccer / football clubs, coaches, parents and adults. Clinic topics may include Introduction to Goalkeeping, Intermediate Goalkeeping, Advanced Goalkeeping, Season Goalkeeping (Fall, Winter and Spring), Goalkeeper Fitness, College Prep Goalkeeping (conditioning & pre-season), College Prep Soccer, Goalkeeping Psychology, Speed & Agility, and much more. Please check our website for any current and future clinics under Clinics and Registration Forms. The clinics will be conducted at various locations in the Pittsburgh area and Western Pennsylvania.




During the summer seasons, there are four and five-day camps (Monday through Friday) available with options of residential, extended-day, full-day or half-day. These camps are held at various locations in western Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. In the case of inclement weather, camps will be conducted indoor on campus. Various camps may include Developmental Goalkeeper Camp, Advanced & Elite Goalkeeper Camp, Senior Goalkeeper Camp, Goalkeeper ID Camp, Shooting-Finishing & Goalkeeper Camp, Goalkeeper & Striker Camp and Goalkeeper Pre-Season Camp. The camps will be announced on our website as well as in flyers, posters or brochures located in soccer stores or soccer arenas as early as January.


Satellite Camps / Clinics


This program is designed for other communities to have Hare Goalkeeper Academy staff come in and put together a clinic or camp at your facility or desired location.  Satellite clinics and camps are for all ages, and genders.  The satellite program has enabled YMCA, Community Recreation, and other community organizations in surrounding areas get a day, weekend or week of instruction by Hare Goalkeeper Academy staff. All sessions will consist of technical/skill building activities. Our goal is to every soccer player in the surrounding communities the chance to build as a soccer player, and to leave them with an excitement about playing soccer when the session is over. You get to pick the date and times and we bring the camp or clinic to you!  This has been a fan favorite in the last several years. 


These satellite camps and clinics will be designed in anyway you would like.  The camps and clinics are flexible in length and the type training offered.  We will also offer a small coaches clinic (if interested) prior to each satellite camp or clinic for your staff. There are no age requirements or any gender restrictions.  We encourage all communities to look into providing this for their programs. If you want to learn more about the satellite program or want to add this to your list of events you can request more information by contacting us. We will provide the staff and the camp / clinic T-shirt. The number of coaches will depend on number of camp or clinic participants attending. Each player will receive a HGA T-shirt as well as receive the best goalkeeper training in the area. All you need to do is provide the facility / desired location, participants and equipment. If additional equipment is needed, we will supply it for the clinics or camps.


Clinic / Camp Highlights


·        No travel – we can come to you!

·        Flexible schedule – dates, times, days, sessions

·        Training designed for your individual team or organization

·        Individual training

·        Camp / Clinic T-shirt for each participant or camper

·        Qualified staff, 1:8 coach-to-player ratio or less


Contact Information and Costs:


If you are interested in having us come to you, please call Jerry at (412) 486-8284 or email to set up your clinic or camp. The costs of the clinic or camp are based on the number of participants, number of sessions, and length of sessions.


Thanks!! We look forward to hearing from you!