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Match Analysis


Match Analysis is an extremely important and much overlooked part of a goalkeeper's development. An evaluation of a goalkeeper's performance will serve as a valuable aid in helping the keeper to learn to read the game and to adjust to the numerous situations that develop and occur during a match.


1)    Benefit from game evaluations based on Coach Hare's experience of being involved with the game at the high school and college levels for over 25 years.

2)    The evaluation includes post-game review with the keeper.

3)    Evaluations will also be in written form, so that the keeper may retain a copy for his/her own records.

4)    Beyond basic skill development, learning from a MATCH  EVALUATION is the single most important means of a goalkeeper taking his/her game to a higher level.


6)    MATCH EVALUATIONS are extremely important when a coach is asked to give a recommendation or an individual goalkeeper who is striving to go onto the next level of their playing experience (whether it involves desiring to advance towards the club, ODP, high school, or collegiate levels of competition).

7)      Fee: $125.00 – This fee will include traveling time to and from the match, full match observation, reviewing the match with the goalkeeper after the game and after he/she has been released by their coach, written evaluation to be sent to the goalkeeper for their records within three days.

8)    Season Special: $200.00 for two matches during the same season. We recommend one evaluation early in the season and another evaluation late in the season, in order to analyze the goalkeeper's tactical improvement.

9)      Otherwise, it is recommended that one evaluation take place during the goalkeeper's Fall season, and one during the goalkeeper's Spring season.



College Recruiting Video 


College coaches may not be able to attend your games, but you can take your game to them with the help of a professionally produced Athletic Recruitment Video. Hare Goalkeeper Academy can create a personalized video, which includes your individual statistics and actual game highlights featuring You in Action. You will also receive cumulative season and game by game statistics on spreadsheets, a second one for coach.

Hare Goalkeeper Academy will come to the game or games of your choice for your particular event to shoot digital video of your game action. A professional quality recruiting video is then produced for you to either send out to your prospective college or you may keep it as your elite club highlights show. The length of the video, along with how many DVDs is up to you. Hare Goalkeeper Academy can quote you the cost for producing your video that is sure to impress any college coach! If you would rather have an entire game, Hare Goalkeeper Academy is also available to videotape your entire sporting event from the opening whistle to the final buzzer! For more information about producing athletic recruiting videos or videotaping soccer matches, please email or call at (412) 486-8284.